Find your own way

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by Emil Alexander

I want to feel like this. I want to wake up in the morning and feel like myself and I want to go to bed in the evening feeling like I have been the best me I can be. I do not want to compromise my standards, my taste, my opinion or my style. There have to be congruency in what I say and what I do, and for me to be able to look myself in the eye, I want to take a deep breath and listen to my heart instead of all the second opinions around me. This is equally important if I am making big or small changes in my life, either choosing my next career move or which color t-shirt I buy. I listen to good advise - from friends, family and experts in the field - and then I make my own decision.

When you visit MUD we try our best to find what fits you and make you look like the man you are! We want you to feel confident and look your best, but in the end YOU have to make the decision - not your spouse, your boss or the salesperson. Men Under Development is about taking chances, trying new things and growing with the experience. Be bold, believe in your own judgement and be a MAN - a Man Under Development.